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Lead Assignment

Algorithms to maximize your times between lead and salespeople. Bonus: once they are assigned, they will automatically get an email with information about your company and/or salesperson.
The Toolsey Maps module allows you to view where your leads are grouped on a map for easy manual assignment. Just assign it to the salesperson who is already familiar with the area, based on the pins that are currently there.
The timed priority flags keep your salespeople on top of their leads. The times are customizable to fit your business so they alert your salespeople to which leads haven’t been touched in the allotted time.

Automatic Communication

Be the first person in your leads inbox with Toolsey’s automatic communication feature. You can send company information to your lead, but also let your salespeople know the moment they get a new lead.
Emails and texts that are pre-written that can be sent with the change of a status. You can also send these communications to remind your leads of appointments and meetings beforehand with the timing of your choosing.
Capture photos per lead directly in the Toolsey app. No need to clutter up your phone photo albums or your cloud storage even more! All photos can be found directly in each lead’s file.
You’ll have the best inspection reports in town! Impress your lead by sending a professional, 10-15 page inspection report with details and images before even leaving the driveway.

Photo Management

Annotate your photos and videos by adding written notes, a short caption, or even an audio note.
The photos are fully shareable with a simple link to share 1 or 100 photos at a time to anyone internal or external from your company.
All photos will be sorted by date and time, but you can also organize them into folders of your choosing.

Management Tools

Our comprehensive reports supply all the information you need about your leads and the company stats. Company admins can get them emailed to them on a custom schedule
Toolsey is fully customizable for your business so you can make your account perfect for you and your team.
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Our dashboard is fully equipped with all the information you could need for your team. Manage your company leads, sales team, your reports, your forms, and more from the main page.
Our Toolsey Calendar offers you a full view of all appointments for your entire team at once glance. Bonus: we also integrate with Google Calendar!

Salesperson Tools

Want some healthy, in-house competition with your peers? Toolsey offers a leaderboard to see where you stand in sales against your coworkers.
Easily take photos of everything you need, leave comments, and save them automatically to the lead file when you take the photos on the Toolsey app.
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Sales tools-3
Sales tools-2
Sales tools-4
Instantly turn physical documents into digital ones with our document scanner. Just scan your pages, crop it where you want, and the document will automatically save as a document.
Our mobile app is specifically designed for the salesperson on the go! It allows you to see a simplified version of the desktop lead list. It has everything you need right at your fingertips!

Toolsey Forms

Build your forms the way you want with our forms module. There are 19 different field types to choose from when building your company forms, including mappable field from the lead information provided to cut your form making time in half.
The automatic communication feature applies to our forms module too! When your team is done filling out a form for their lead, they can immediately send it to the lead or anyone else via email, as well as saving it to the document section of the lead detail, making all forms accessible via both desktop and mobile app.
Our forms can be built for both external and internal use. Our lead forms are the forms that your team fills out in regard to the lead, such as estimates, invoices, inspection reports, etc. Our admin forms can be just internally facing forms that are used for general purpose, such as commission requests and time off requests.
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