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Frequently Asked Questions


Read all about Toolsey with some of our most asked questions below.
What is Toolsey?
Toolsey is a lead management platform created for your sales team. Toolsey will funnel leads from many possible avenues into the system for easy, centralized lead management for your whole team.
Is setting up an account with Toolsey difficult?
No, not at all! Once you decide to start your Toolsey account, you will be contacted to gather information about your company and your staff to set your entire time up for success with Toolsey.
What information should I have ready?
A list of integrations with corresponding login credentials for any lead providers, CRMs, and accounting platforms you would like to connect. We will also request a list of your employees with their phone numbers and emails.
How long does it take ot set up my Toolsey account?
Account creation can happen immediately, but it can take up to two weeks to connect with companies we have already created partnerships with. For flagship integrations (meaning you are the first one!), the duration will vary based on the other partner’s involvement.
How fast does Toolsey assign leads to a salesperson on my team?
Within seconds. When a lead appears on the Toolsey platform, it is immediately assigned to the appropriate salesperson based on your preferences.
What is the methodology use to assign leads within my sales team?
User’s choice! There are multiple assignment profiles to choose from to distribute your leads. There is a simple rotation, sometimes referred to as a “round-robin”, as well as team assignment that establishes a rotation based upon team geography or product type. Also, an individual salesperson can be assigned based upon geography or product. If this seems confusing, no worries! Our customer service team is great at helping you find the best option.
Do I have a long-term contract?
Toolsey doesn’t believe in long-term contracts or cancellation fees for our clients. You can pay month to month or you can pay one, annual payment. There is a discount should you choose the annual method.
Who owns Toolsey?
Toolsey is a privately held company and the founders are active in the business.
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