There’s nothing wrong with being first!

In sales, being first matters. Toolsey gets you there first!

How We Make It Happen
How We Make It Happen

Convert more leads, make more money.

What if…you could work every single lead? It really is that simple. But how do you do that? Toolsey is the answer. We make sure that every lead is worked, every time!

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Automatic Lead Assignment

What if…you don’t have to manually assign every lead that comes into your company? Toolsey can automatically do it in seconds. Each lead will be assigned the moment it enters Toolsey and their contact info is distributed to your sales team in moments.

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Time Is Money

What if…you could reach out to the lead seconds after they are entered into your system? Toolsey makes that happen. Studies show that time to first contact is the most critical factor in winning the sale. This is never more true than with sales leads.

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Powerful Integrations

Easily Manage All of Your Sales Leads In One Place

So Much To

Businesses Share Their Thoughts

“Doesn’t get any better than this! Love the connection and the Toolsey staff is simply amazing!”

Cora, Gary, Dave

Production Manager, Owner, Sales Manager

“Toolsey allows me to keep up to date on the status of the sale. With big projects like replacing a roof, it’s important to stay up to date with where we are at in the process with the client. Toolsey allows me to do that right at my fingertips.”



Toolsey has helped us keep our company on track with appointments and up to date on every conversation had with our clients. Gone are the days of using sticky notes and sections of invoices laying around to take notes. We are so happy we made the switch to Toolsey and appreciate their on-boarding and technical team that made the transition a piece of cake.



Sales Is A “Winner Takes All” Game. Converting Sales Leads Into Customers Defines Your Success.

Toolsey was built to maximize your potential to win! Drive every lead to a yes or no and leave nothing to chance.

Why Toolsey?

We’re In your Corner

At Toolsey we have one singular mission, help you make more money!

Proprietary Processes

We have built a combination of assignment algorithms, automated processes and third-party integrations to deliver a powerful platform to drive your sales success.