The FlatZap photo module is a powerful addition to the Toolsey service providing an easy way to capture, organize, and share image by location. This isn’t a small addition to Toolsey, but a comprehensive, geo-specific photo management system. You will be provided access to the FlatZap mobile App, available in iOS or Android, and a Web dashboard, to view and manage all company photos by location. Here are a few of the additional benefits:

Precise Geo-Location

All photos are captured using precise GPS location. This happens automatically and avoids the confusion of taking photos at multiple locations and then having to determine later which photos belong to which location.

Cloud Storage

All photos are stored and backed up in the cloud. Remove the clutter of work photos in your personal camera roll. Also, avoid losing critical photos stuck on an employee’s phone when they leave the company. A nightmare scenario avoided.

Time & Date Stamp

All photos are time and date stamped. Critical for verification of conditions prior to work, in addition to progression and completion photos.

Easy Annotation

Ability to annotate photos on both App and Web dashboard by drawing or writing text on image, adding a written to audio note.

Send to Everyone

Use “live link” to send a link to a customer that will show all progression photos or just a standard link to show selected photos. Both types of links can be emailed directly from the FlatZap dashboard.

Admin Control

Enjoy administrative controls that allows Super Admin and Admin account holders to add/delete/archive company Users as well as to easily change login credentials.

Easy Search Tools

Powerful search capabilities to find location folders with only partial information.

Super Speed

Low latency, which is a fancy way of saying it is extremely fast! There are companies with over 200,000 photos and results from a partial address is returned instantly.

Use With Toolsey

The cross-platform capabilities of FlatZap Photo Management System are amazing and a great addition to the Toolsey platform.

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