Lead Management

Toolsey will help you convert more leads by keeping all of your sales leads in one place, and keep track of each lead start to finish!

Automated Lead Assignment

Benefit from the proprietary assignment algorithms developed by Toolsey to assign leads based upon product, service or geography.

Automated Communication

Connect immediately by email or text to both prospects and your sales team. Fully customizable to meet your specific needs.

Comprehensive Sales Reports

Full access to a comprehensive suite of reports to track both individual sales performance and company-wide analytics.

Toolsey Maps

Assign that new call-in with ease by looking at which salesperson had other leads in the same area. Make planning your daily driving route easy by viewing all leads in a specific area at once.

Powerful Integrations

Quickly integrate with multiple lead providers, CRMs, and other external companies. Avoid manual entry with sales leads being automatically delivered into your Toolsey account.

Toolsey Calendar

Keep your whole sales team in check with Calendar. You can view all appointments, adjuster or otherwise, all in one place. View individual salespeople by filtering by color.


Make your Toolsey fit your company best. System values throughout Toolsey are fully customizable to meet your company’s specific demands.

Sales Team Management

Stay on top of your whole sales team, by easily adding new team members, tracking performance, and activating or pausing a sales team member from the lead assignment.

Web Dashboard & Mobile App

The web dashboard will allow owners, managers, and administrators full, real-time visibility of all sales leads in the organization. The mobile App for iOS and Android will place the lead information in the hands of your sales team instantly.

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