Inspection Module

For many businesses providing a on-site inspection and assessment is a critical part of the selling process. For this reason we include a powerful inspection report module in every Toolsey account. This report can be your most important piece of selling material provided to your prospect.

Best Looking Around

Outshine your competition by providing a comprehensive inspection report complete with dozens of photos. Take the photos with the Toolsey FlatZap photo module and have them available instantly to insert into the report.

Automated Mapping

Pre-write most of your report to create a baseline for completing an inspection report. All lead fields in Toolsey are automatically mapped into your inspection report eliminating almost all manual data entry when completing it. This consistently reduces time to complete a report to mere minutes.

Available Everywhere

Complete your inspection reports, and have them readily available on the Toolsey mobile App or Web dashboard at all times.

Easy Delivery to Anyone

Easily and quickly deliver to your prospects a 10-15 page report with photos via email before you leave the driveway. Send the report directly within Toolsey with a prewritten and personalized message to your prospect.

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