Forms Module

The Toolsey Forms Module provides Users the opportunity to create custom forms that fully integrate with all aspects of the Toolsey lead management platform. Here are just a few of the features and benefits:


Powerful form builder features allow the user to create company-wide forms using a wide variety of form elements creating maximum flexibility in form creation.

Easy Data Mapping

The form builder allows for extensive field mapping to over 45 fields. This allows for extensive personalization and greatly elevates manual data entry when completing forms.

Forms for All

Create forms for both sales and administrative purposes. Easily organize forms for your whole company in the office and in the field.

Automatic Communication

Every form created has an accompanying email template that is fully customizable and is used to send the completed form as a PDF. The ease in which this can be done reduces the time to send completed forms to seconds.

Access Everywhere

Forms can be completed on Web dashboard or mobile App for ultimate accessibility and ease of use. All completed forms are stored on Toolsey and available on all of the Toolsey platforms.

Custom Building

Need help building your forms? No problem. We can help build your forms for your company. We are happy to help customize forms to fit your business. Just contact us at 800-810-0264.

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